Pet Food Ingredients

Diversified Ingredients has been a leader in sourcing high quality pet food ingredients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, calcium and essential fatty acids for more than 30 years. continues to expand its product offerings to meet customer demands and trends in an ever-growing market. Types of products offered include organic, nonGMO Project Verified, novel and sustainable proteins.

Beef and bone meal
Beef byproducts
Beef meal
Beef, mechanically deboned
Chicken byproduct meal
Chicken meal
Chicken, deboned
Crab meal
Duck hydrolysate
Duck meal
Fish meal, various species
Fish, frozen
Lamb meal
Liver, beef, chicken, pork, turkey
Lobster meal
Meat meal
Pork byproducts
Pork meal
Poultry meal
Rabbit meal
Shrimp meal
Turkey meal
Turkey, deboned
Venison meal

Cheese powder
Egg protein, concentrated 70/ 80
Eggs, dried
Milk powder
Milk protein
Whey powder
Whey protein

Beef tallow
Canola oil
Chicken fat
Fish oil
Flaxseed oil
Palm kernel oil
Palm oil
Soybean oil
Sunflower oil
Turkey fat

Apple fiber/pomace

Barley fiber/hulls
Beet pulp
Corn bran
Cranberry fiber
Oat fiber/hulls
Pea fiber
Potato fiber
Rice hulls
Soy hulls
Tomato pomace

Diversified Ingredients markets a variety of legumes from USA, Canada, and South America. Maximizing our transloading facilities we can offer legumes in bulk truck, rail, totes, and bags.

Beans, various
Chickpeas/garbanzo beans
Peas, green, yellow

Alfalfa nutrient concentrate
Chickpea protein
Corn gluten meal 60%
Hemp protein
Lentil protein
Pea protein
Potato protein
Rice protein concentrate
Soy protein
Wheat gluten/protein

Alfalfa nutrient concentrate
Chicory root extract
Rosemary extract
Yeast, brewers dried
Yeast, distillers dried
Yucca schidigera extract

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